stART- One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims

I love how this book used a familiar rhyme, but then added to it with descriptions and pictures of the different tasks the children did to prepare for the Thanksgiving feast.  It is a great story for showing the differences between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians at a basic level.  My son really loved looking at the colorful pictures and pointing to the things he recognized.

For our art project we created a shape pilgrim.  No Time For Flash Card’s Shape Scarecrow Craft inspired me with the idea.

If you would like to create this craft with your child, you will need color construction paper of your choice, glue, scissors, a marker and the following shapes cut from construction paper. (I apologize for my poorly cut ovals.)

At first this project seemed some what difficult for my son because he didn’t like to get the glue on his hands and he just stuck the pieces anywhere on the paper, but once I started to put glue where each shape was suppose to go, he really got into it.


As we glued each shape on the paper we named it and the color. He really does well at naming his shapes, but is still working on his colors.  I hope to create more shape crafts in the future because it ended up being really easy.  If you would like to see more stART activities, then go check out what others have done at A Mommy’s Adventure.

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